The main reason why I am starting a blog is quite simple: I just want to help other people and share the knowledge I have.

I always wanted to start a blog, but I thought I had nothing really interesting to tell or that my knowledge wasn´t enough to share. Now I feel confident enough to share the little I know about design, illustration, and lettering. When I started my journey as a “creative” I didn´t know almost nothing, and most of the things I learned where from the internet. Some generous people share the things they knew, and now it is time to be generous and share my knowledge and give something back to the community. 

But this is not the only reason to start my blog. There are a few more: 

  • I would like to hear and share ideas, thoughts, and opinions with other fellow creative people. 
  • I would like to improve my writing and communications skills, especially in English. I am not an English native speaker, by the way, so there will be some writing mistakes… sorry about that!
  • I would like to improve my understanding of the craft I practice. Writing and sharing about my craft make me understand them better.
  • I would like to learn more about my craft. One of the best ways to learn something is teaching it. Helping others understand ideas is a great way to improve one’s own understanding of those ideas. 

What will be this blog about?

I will be writing about: 

  • Tips, tricks, resources, and tools for illustrators and designers. 
  • About the work of other creative people that inspires me. 
  • News related to illustration, design & lettering. 
  • Thoughts about my journey of being a freelance creative
  • Tips about living in Germany for non-German-speakers.

I hope you will enjoy the content and find it helpful. I am having the comments section open, so please, if you want to share something, make an opinion about an article or just to say hello, just feel free to do it!